Project started: January 7th, 2013
Project ends: October 5th, 2015

Tasks in progress: 19 (005006, 007027032033047, 049052063064, 067, 070, 071073, 081, 085, 089, 095)
Failed tasks: 2 (041 – now completed, 046 – now completed)
Completed tasks: 36  (001, 002, 003, 008, 009, 010, 011, 013, 014, 015, 017018, 019, 024, 029041, 045, 046, 048, 050, 051, 053074, 075, 077, 079, 080082, 083, 087, 090, 093, 094, 096, 097, 099, 101)

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005 – Read (or listen to) 100 books (71-80)

Status: In progress

These are the latest books I’ve read and when I finished them:

71.   Levande och döda i Winsford by Håkan Nesser – fiction novel (September, 2014)
72.   Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – fiction novel (October, 2014)

You find all the books I’ve read here.

(And if there’s a title you don’t understand it’s most probably a title in Swedish; my first language.)

101 – Do 5 good deeds for people who haven’t asked for it (6/5)

September, 2014

I know this task is finished but I just wanted to share my drive-through-experience yesterday.

For years now I’ve read about how people in the US and Canada have done the nice thing of paying for someone’s order at the drive-through. I don’t often go to food places where one can drive through, but yesterday I decided to. And luckily there ended up being a line-up after me so when it was my turn to get my things and pay I asked to pay for someone after me as well.

It ended up being a simple order worth about $10, but hopefully the person who’s food I paid for appreciated it anyways.

I really liked the excitement involved here; will I get cars behind me?, will their orders be super expensive?, will the cashier just help me out and not make a fuss?

005 – Read (or listen to) 100 books (61-70)

Status: In progress

These are the latest books I’ve read and when I finished them:

61.   Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – fiction novel (July, 2014)
62.   Analfabeten som kunde räkna by Jonas Jonasson – fiction novel (July, 2014)
63.   I vargars närhet (orig. The Loop) by Nicholas Evans – fiction novel (August, 2014)
64.   En av oss (orig. En av oss) by Åsne Seierstad – non-fiction about the 2011 attacks in Oslo and on the island Utøya in Norway (August, 2014)
65.   Getingsommar (orig. The End of the Wasp Season) by Denise Mina – fiction novel (August, 2014)
66.   Så gott som död (orig. Good as Dead) by Mark Billingham – fiction novel (August, 2014)
67.   Sju jävligt långa dagar (orig. This is Where I Leave You) by Jonathan Tropper – fiction novel (September, 2014)
68.   Mina döttrars systrar by Barbara Voors – fiction novel (September, 2014)
69.   Änglar (orig. Angels) by Marian Keyes – fiction novel (September, 2014)
70.   Himmelsdalen by Marie Hermanson – fiction novel (September, 2014)

You find all the books I’ve read here.

(And if there’s a title you don’t understand it’s most probably a title in Swedish; my first language.)

053 – Invite friends over for a 3-course-meal

Status : Completed!

Tonight we’ve had 5 of our friends over for dinner. A 3-course-dinner.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of anything we ate, but it just didn’t feel right to bring out the camera to photograph the food… So I’m making a blog post about food without pictures. That’s sort of like eating an ice cream in a cone and forgetting to put the ice cream in there, right? A big no-no…

Anyways, we had some “nibbles” to eat while standing and catching up. We had sourdough bread cut in small cubes, grisini, cut cucumber sticks and carrots to dip in either olive oil, aioli or pesto.

For starters we had small cauliflower pizzas with veggies on them. The “dough” is made of raw cauliflower cut to itsy-bitsy pieces in a kitchen machine, blended with grated parmesan cheese, egg and salt and pepper. The “dough” is spread on a baking tray and baked in the oven for half an hour. We used sliced zucchini, red bell pepper, mushroom, olives and goat cheese as toppings and put it all back in the oven for ten minutes.

The main course was Tomato, Mushroom and Parmesan Risotto with barbequed pork loin. I had oven baked plum tomatoes and onion, basil, parmesan cheese and fried mushrooms in the risotto. It was topped with vines of oven baked cherry tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese. Unfortunately we didn’t time it well with the grill and risotto. The risotto was done way ahead of the meat and got a bit too gooey before we served it. But, the flavours were excellent.

We rounded it all off with a chocolate cream topped with olive oil, sea salt and roasted coconut flakes. Super yummy!!! The chocolate cream was made of chocolate, cream, muscovado sugar and egg yolks.

As you (might) see, the evening had an Italian theme. Pizza, risotto and chocolate cream with olive oil. All 7 of us (plus one) are going to Sicily in a few weeks and we wanted to get together to start the count down. :)

089 – Write encouraging messages on notes and place in 10 books from the library (2/10)

August 25th, 2014 -

To be honest, I’ve forgotten about this challenge…

Today I returned a book on diversity to my local library. In it I placed a yellow Post It-note wishing the next reader of the book a great day and thanking her/him for wanting to learn more about the effects of intolerance.

071 – Transform our office at home into a creative studio

Status: in progress

The plan was to redo the whole room during our vacation this summer, but the weather turned out too beautiful for us to want to spend all days inside… So, we’re working on it slower than planned. But still; working on it. :)

I’ve emptied it. And mind you, that took some time. There’s a reason to why the room has been called “the Chaos Room” for four years now…


We’ve torn down the wall paper where it had gone loose. We’ve taken out the base boards and cornices. And the “wooden” floor. And the vinyl carpet that was under it.


We’ve glued gypsum boards on the walls. And have started to fill the joints with putty.


There are still a thousand things left to do here, but I’m glad we’ve started and are on our way!

005 – Read (or listen to) 100 books (51-60)

Status: In progress

These are the latest books I’ve read and when I finished them:

51.   I kroppen min – resan mot livets slut och alltings början by Kristian Gidlund - auto-biography based on a blog that Kristian wrote after gotten a cancer diagnosis (June, 2014)
52.   Gubbe och katt by Nils Uddenberg – auto-biography (as audio-book) about a 70-year-old man and the cat that decides to move in (June, 2014)
53.   Gargoylen (orig. The Gargoyle) by Andrew Davidson – fiction novel (June, 2014)
54.   Det femte barnet (orig. The Fifth Child) by Doris Lessing – fiction novel as audio-book (June, 2014)
55.   I djävulens sällskap (orig. Friend of the Devil) by Peter Robinson – fiction novel (July, 2014)
56.   Heja, Heja! by Martina Haag – biography (of some sort) (July, 2014)
57.   Det gångna är inte en dröm by Theodor Kallifatides – biography (July, 2014)
58.   Sonat till Miriam (orig. Sonata for Miriam) by Linda Olsson – fiction novel (July, 2014)
59.   I en människa (orig. In One Person) by John Irving – fiction novel (July, 2014)
60.   En man utan land (orig. A Man without a Country) by Kurt Vonnegut – biographical (July, 2014)

You find all the books I’ve read here.

(And if there’s a title you don’t understand it’s most probably a title in Swedish; my first language.)

007 – Ask 5 people for book recommendations and read the first book they mention that I haven’t already read (1/5)

A couple of weeks ago I asked my partner for a book recommendation. He handed me An Instance of the Fingerpost (or Den fjärde sanningen as it’s called in Swedish) by Iain Pears; a historical mystery novel set in the 17th century.

The novel is divided in four parts with a different narrator for each part. They all tell the same story about a murder, but from their own point of view and with the things they know, or think they know. It’s very well written and I love how the stories are woven together. But it’s all a little too long…

I had to struggle in parts of it and it took me a while to finish the book. I’m glad I did though!

005 – Read (or listen to) 100 books (41-50)

Status: In progress

These are the latest books I’ve read and when I finished them:

41.   Little Bee (orig. The Other Hand) by Chris Cleave – fiction novel as audio-book (February, 2014)
42.   Det Gud inte såg by Helena von Zweigbergk – fiction novel (February, 2014)
43.   I midnattens stillhet (orig. Still Midnight) by Denise Mina – fiction novel (March, 2014)
44.   Ett år av magiskt tänkande (orig. The Year of Magical Thinking) by Joan Didion – auto-biography as an audio-book (March, 2014)
45.   Niceville (orig. The Help) by Kathryn Stockett – fiction novel (March, 2014)
46.   PS. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern – fiction novel (April, 2014)
47.   Drömhjärta (orig. Broken Paradise/Ghost Heart) by Cecilia Samartin – fiction novel (April 2014)
48.   Me before you by Jojo Moynes – fiction novel (May, 2014)
49.   Alltings början by Karolina Ramqvist – fiction novel (June, 2014)
50.   Den fjärde sanningen (orig. An Instance of the Fingerpost) by Iain Pears (June, 2014)

You find all the books I’ve read here.

017 – Wear a skirt/dress for work for a week

Status: Completed!


I wore these outfits at work this week. A lot of pink! :)

So, why is this task under “Challenges”? Well, I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses at work. I’m the jeans girl… There’s just something about wearing skirts and dresses that make me feel over-dressed for the work I do. Which is kind of stupid as everything can be dressed down if needed to…

I bought the floral dress two weeks ago and I must say I really loved wearing it! I wore the pink cardigan over it to keep from feeling too naked with the dress having a tight bodice and straps. The long black skirt was bought at the same time, but I didn’t feel particularly comfortable in it, to be honest. Don’t really know why, but it might be too tight over the hips for being a swirly skirt.  I’m definitely going to wear the shorter black skirt with that striped pink t-shirt and pink leggings. I loved wearing that combination! I made people smile! :)

073 – On 5 pay days transfer 5-10% of my monthly salary directly to my savings account (4/5)

May 28th, 2014 -

Transferred 6% of my salary today.

And realized this task is a bit misleading in how it’s phrased. I have an automatic transfer between my salary account and my savings account of 5% of my salary every month. So, I wouldn’t have to transfer as much to get up to 5% ..

But, I’m choosing to ignore the 5% that gets transferred automatically and work on this task “from scratch”.

080 – Visit 5 of the places from the list in task 079 (5/5)


The list of places I want to visit, and the reason why, can be found here.

080Jewish Cemetery in Prague

Prague in the Czech republic

May 8th-11th, 2014

I gave my partner a long weekend in Prague for his birthday. He’d never been to Prague but likes history, culture and Czech beer…

We had four great days in Prague wandering around the city. We saw some of the must-see places (like the Jewish Cemetery where the picture above comes from) and avoided some just to be able to skip the crowds. My partner and I don’t do too well in touristy crowds and don’t mind missing out on some sights in order to walk one block away and move around more freely.

We walked for hours every day. Visited the museum of Communism. Saw Dvorak’s grave in the cemetery up by the castle (that’s not there). And Mucha’s. Did a sightseeing bus tour for two hours. Had dinner in a Czech restaurants where we were the only tourists. Walked around a food market along the river Vltava.  Got tans. Cheered for runners in Prague Marathon. Saw Prague from up Petrin Tower. Had a great Indian meal. Were impressed in different churches and the Spanish Synagogue. Had many Czech beers and cups of teas sitting outside.

Prague offers beautiful sights and has an amazing history to tell. This was my third visit to the city but it was the first time I really understood how much history there actually is in Prague.

024 – Attend a class of some sort

Status: Completed!

The class ended some weeks ago. I’m glad my partner and I decided to take it. We had fun learning and enjoyed the group.

My aim to take this photography class was to become more comfortable with shooting in the manual mode instead of using auto. I’m proud to say that i’ve used manual every settings every time I’ve used our Nikon. There are still so many things to learn and get used to, but at least I’ve started.