005 – Read (or listen to) 100 books (51-60)

These are the latest books I’ve read and when I finished them:

51.   I kroppen min – resan mot livets slut och alltings början by Kristian Gidlund – auto-biography based on a blog that Kristian wrote after gotten a cancer diagnosis (June, 2014)
52.   Gubbe och katt by Nils Uddenberg – auto-biography (as audio-book) about a 70-year-old man and the cat that decides to move in (June, 2014)
53.   Gargoylen (orig. The Gargoyle) by Andrew Davidson – fiction novel (June, 2014)
54.   Det femte barnet (orig. The Fifth Child) by Doris Lessing – fiction novel as audio-book (June, 2014)
55.   I djävulens sällskap (orig. Friend of the Devil) by Peter Robinson – fiction novel (July, 2014)
56.   Heja, Heja! by Martina Haag – biography (of some sort) (July, 2014)
57.   Det gångna är inte en dröm by Theodor Kallifatides – biography (July, 2014)
58.   Sonat till Miriam (orig. Sonata for Miriam) by Linda Olsson – fiction novel (July, 2014)
59.   I en människa (orig. In One Person) by John Irving – fiction novel (July, 2014)
60.   En man utan land (orig. A Man without a Country) by Kurt Vonnegut – biographical (July, 2014)

You find all the books I’ve read here.

(And if there’s a title you don’t understand it’s most probably a title in Swedish; my first language.)

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